Edinburgh Cyrenians is an independent charity that has operated with continuous steady growth and success since 1968. We provide solutions to poverty and homelessness and work towards a Scotland that makes room for all.

Our passion is to help people who’ve had severe problems, to help themselves improve their lives. It is our privilege to offer the kind of opportunities and respectful support that enable people to turn their lives around.

We operate in Edinburgh, West Lothian, East Lothian and Falkirk with a variety of long-term services that benefit well over 3,000 people a year.  Outcomes include: better homes, progress to work, improved health, better coping skills, re-engagement with families & communities and conquering addiction. Although diverse, our services have common purposes – to enable people to overcome the problems that put them at further risk; and to help them become better able to manage as contributing members of our society.

Cyrenians Chief Exec, Des Ryan

The charity has won awards for volunteer involvement and our creative engagement with the business community. In its 2008 report into homelessness, the researchand donor advice company, New Philanthropy Capital recommended Edinburgh Cyrenians as one of the 9 most effective homelessness charities in the UK. The charity currently has an annual turnover of about £2.5m and employs just under 80 staff, with 50% added workforce provided by regular volunteers.

“What I like about Cyrenians is that its work can be measured – you can see exactly what is happening. We all know there are a lot of unfortunate people in this city, but there are a lot of good things going on too. This charity is one of them.” (Sir Tom Farmer)

Cyrenians make great use of volunteering and financial support provided by local people and local businesses. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to help make a difference.

Support Edinburgh Cyrenians


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