Climate’s Changed

At what point do you start regarding the abnormal as normal? This is the sixth year running that our growing plans for Cyrenians Farm have been sunk by the weather. Literally. You’ve maybe seen the rainfall statistics and forgotten them after a few dry(ish) days, but the water table is so high that even the covered polytunnels are flooding inside! So it’s time to change. Time to recreate the Farm so that it’s more resilient to our crazy (or now normal) weather. We’ll need to invest in putting larger polytunnels on the higher ground and installing new drainage and watering systems. So come deluge or drought we’ll have both plenty produce and decent work opportunities for our trainees. That’s the big job this winter. Lots of hands to the pumps for Team Challenges, volunteers and trainees getting Cyrenians Farm better weather-proofed for 2013 and the future.


or we could just grow rice?

I’ve been mulling over the idea of using the weather related struggles of Cyrenians Farm as a metaphor for the challenges facing charities like ours. Staying on the high ground… Not getting mired chasing the wrong funding… Creatively adapting to the new climate of austerity… Taking responsibility for change… Becoming more resilient to knock-backs…

But I don’t think I will.

Des Ryan (CEO)


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