What It’s All About

One of Cyrenians front-line Key Workers passed on this story.

‘When Nola was referred to me, her and her three children (aged 7, 6 and 2) were staying in a private let. The landlord was in the process of throwing them out, literally onto the street with their belongings. Her marriage had broken down. She was unable to pay the rent and being a refugee had no entitlement to benefits. She has no status at the moment. She was living on £10.00 per week to feed her family which came from a local church. We went to social work and they took her case on. She is now in temporary accommodation and in receipt of money equivalent to DWP payments. Her case is going through appeal process with the Home Office. Nola is doing her Learning Power Award with us and has registered for a college course. I dropped off a Christmas Hamper this morning for her and the children. This is the text that she sent’:

“My appreciation, to you and the whole of the Cyrenians as a body. Thank you very much for the care you have shown to me and my children. God bless you all for changing and transforming our life for the better. I need to let you know that this Hamper Pack we received today is the 1st ever in our family am glad the children will have smiles on their faces this Christmas. Thank you, Nola”

We are privileged to be able to help. But wish we didn’t have to.

Happy Christmas everbody. And thanks for all the support in 2011. Love xxx


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