More than ‘Just the Job’

Typically, people affected by homelessness and associated difficulties face major barriers in getting into a settled working life. However, getting into a settled working life is often fundamental to their full recovery and resilience to repeat problems.

There is research evidence that:

  • Over 80% of the long-term homeless are also long-term unemployed
  • 77% or respondents were ready & willing for some sort of work with 97% wanting to work in future

In April 2010 the JPMorgan Chase Foundation began to support us to put homeless people on a path to employment and a settled working life using our own social enterprise workplaces to build experience, skills and self belief. Financial investment came with support from the firm and its workforce in Scotland through employee-led initiatives in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

In that year we’ve increased the passage of people from homelessness to a settled working life from 14 a year to an average of over 1 a week. To some that might not seem like much, but each case is literally life changing. And the service to people is top quality – making sure that people are really prepared, ready and supported to progress in their working life. It’s not a quick fix or a box tick.

The people from J.P.Morgan have been absolute stars! As well as financial and business help, more than 30 of the workforce have volunteered at two of our social enterprise workplaces, Cyrenians Farm and the Good Food Depot.


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