Lifting the Gloom

Looting, economic fears, public spending cuts and continuous rainfall… It could all get you down! I’m in the fortunate position of getting regular stories that counteract all that depressing stuff. So I thought I’d share a few snippets this week to lift the gloom and stiffen our belief in the essential goodness of our neighbours.

How about that of 10 good folk from our Good Food Programme who gave up their day off to travel up to Loch Tay and help pull people and boats out of the water as part of a sponsored event run by our friends at Artemis? “All day we welcomed the runners, then walkers, then crawlers to the shores of Lock Tay. Fed and watered we pushed them off in the kayaks with encouragement to ‘keep to the left shore’ and ‘this stage is nice and flat, you’re doing great’!” The full story is here – 2nd story.

A guy called Paul Burgum called in on the team at our Jane Street Depot last week. He is walking from Kirkwall to his hometown of Billingham (approx 480 miles) visiting homelessness services along the way in memory, or in a way in search, of his uncle who had been homeless and who was murdered last year.  Paul’s walk blog is here

Then there’s Shaun, a young man living at Cyrenians Farm who was desperate to join the rest of the community on bikes but inhibited by a disability until a volunteer found him an adapted cycle which he now spends hours on going up and down the Farm lane.

My last little story is about a group of young African kids called Ignite who are from underprivileged backgrounds and have saved every penny to come to perform Gospel Songs at the Edinburgh Festival this year. Their budget is so tight they have to walk around the city as they cannot afford the bus fares. We have supported them with food during their stay and in return they gave us their songs and dancing at the Good Food Depot on this wet Wednesday afternoon. (They perform @ Hunters Sq 8.30)

‘Now say for you that the sun don’t shine’ (Song reference?)

Cyrenians Need Your Support Folks!


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