It doesn’t cost the earth to make a big difference

Last Monday saw ‘stakeholders’ gather at the Royal Edinburgh Community Gardens for the launch of the report about what has been achieved there in just 18 months.

(R to L) Cyrenians Chair, Ian Jones, Tom Arnott (Operations Manager at the Royal Ed) and myself at the Gardens event

From being a wasteland there are 3 acres of land in full food growing production, beautiful woodland paths, an old orchard recovered and peaceful seating areas to just sit and enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

It has been achieved by an amazing combination of volunteers from all walks of life, local businesses, schools, community groups and people from the hospital itself. The place is a joy, as we heard at the event from some of the people who have contributed their sweat to it.

In times when we know there is not money around the Royal Edinburgh Community Gardens is a striking example of what can be achieved by connecting up the various assets already there in our community.  Des

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