This is not a story about cooking

John had been in full time employment before he experienced his heart attack and had enjoyed married live for 30 years and owned his own home. As well as causing memory loss and diminished concentration, ill health had crushed his self esteem and crumbled his confidence.


John was referred to the Cyrenians cooking classes by a health worker. He arrived at Cyrenians Training Kitchen with his support worker. His nervousness was almost overwhelming. John had to be continually persuaded, for example, that the actual size of the vegetables he was cutting were fine. He was petrified that the sauce would be the wrong consistency or that the amount of tomatoes in his Bolognese made the colour incorrect or that his cake clearly hadn’t risen to the right height.

Cookery Classes @ Cyrenians Good Food

As the weeks of cookery classes progressed, John grew and grew with confidence. Constant re-assurance from the tutors and the evidence of what he could actually achieve brought about a transformation. As he relaxed and progressed to the advanced cooking course he opened up about himself and his feelings. He no longer needed his alarm to be set to remind him to do things.

His tutor summaries: ‘I think the class had brought him out and reminded him that there was a life out there and that people would be interested in him. He also discovered he was capable and perhaps just not as damaged by his heart attack as he thought. It was a pleasure to watch and witness his increasing confidence and to be a part of him feeling better about himself.’



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