Looking for Great People & Ideas

Cyrenians thrives on having great people involved and a regular flow of great ideas.

Tomorrow we’re having a Thinkathon. In this instance it involves a dozen or so employees from Pfizer, (the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company), joining five of us to put our brains together and come up with some fresh, inspirational thinking about Cyrenians journey ahead. This has been pulled together by the aptly named Collaboration Company.

We’ve done this before with other companies and to great effect. It provides a great day for the business with a lot of team-building and learning going on. Their fresh pairs of business eyes and different angles of thought inevitably result in some excellent new ideas.

A team from Shaw spent a challenge day with us to imagine and plan new horizons for Cyrenians Farm. In the time since that enterprise has gone from strength to strength.

The focus of tomorrow’s thinking is on how Cyrenians can go yet further in working with business to create a fairer and more sustainable society. We want to go beyond philanthropy and CSR box-ticking and to imagine how commerce and charity can seriously combine our efforts so that its both good for business and business for good.

I said great people as well as great ideas – and we’re just now advertising an interim post to join our Leadership Team on Pam’s departure to become CEO at Providence Row and a new Enterprise Manager to take over at Cyrenians Farm, with Rob moving to fresh pastures. See the link below to the job opportunities.

Vacancies at Cyrenians

Des Ryan

May 2011


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