Friends in Deed

Among the many ideas pushing their heads into the spring daylight is one to create something like a local charity version of a freecycle-type scheme. It would enable people to donate the specific small but important things actually wanted by the people we work with as they rebuild their lives.

Claire, one of our Homeless Prevention Team, was telling me that Julie needs a bike so she can get fit as part of her recovery. Another client needs the use of a laptop as they prepare for college. Another needs help with moving to their new flat. In fact we have a constant supply of opportunities for people to be good neighbours and friends in deed. Something like this would connect the gift with the need through the assuring agency of the charity.

This idea resonated with me because I’m having more and more conversations with people who want to do something practical about the growing social injustice they see around them. And something that really makes a difference. Giving time is often a problem, which prohibits regular volunteering. Donations to large anonymous appeals and telethons just don’t do it.

I’d be very happy to hear from anyone with thoughts on this or wanting to help walk this idea forward towards becoming a plan.

In the meantime, thanks to sterling work from our regular volunteer, Kathryn McQuillan, we are now able to launch our new Friends of Cyrenians supporters’ scheme. Please do sign up if you can. Regular donors form the backbone of Cyrenians ability to help people in crisis and take independent initiatives.

Click here to sponsor me on Cyrenians Water of Leith Walk on April 16th


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