Good Business

As a young man delivering soup in polystyrene cups to people trying to sleep under bushes along the Embankment in the cold early hours of the morning, I was full of anger against capitalism and the businesses and business people at its apex. It was self evident to me that the homeless were the casualties of a system that only cared about money and not people.

Thirty five years later I am inspired and supported on almost a daily basis by businesses and business people who are genuinely as passionate as Cyrenians about making a positive difference in our community. Is it me that’s changed or business or both?  And it seems to me that recently there’s a real upsurge in interest from businesses wanting to do much more than ticking the ‘CSR’ box.

Corporate Team Challenge at Cyrenians Farm

Last year our pro-bono business support and help in kind went up by 62%. It never seems like big stuff to the businesses that help, but it matters to us. Some free legal advice, free servicing of the food vans, signing up for a Corporate Team Challenge at Cyrenians Farm, supporting employees to volunteer with us… it all mounts up and means that we can focus our effort and money where it matters most.

Our Working with Business prospectus provides a menu of 12 ways in which businesses of any type or size can engage with us and our mission for a fairer and more successful society. Inventive minds from the commercial world might even come up with others. My mind, like my door, is always open.

Des Ryan

Add Your Support for Edinburgh Cyrenians

March 2011


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