A Good Turn

At my bus-stop this morning a young woman retrieved from the ground a security pass and memory stick dropped by someone rushing for the previous No.44.

We studied it and realised that the owner would be having kittens. The young finder cheerfully agreed to take it straight to the workplace address on the pass, on her way to her own work. I was touched by her good-citizen attitude and said so. “It’ll be a pleasure,” she replied, “it actually makes me feel good to do a good turn.”

The response stuck with me for the rest of the journey to work. Helping others makes you happy: even more-so when you don’t have to, or you’re not nagged into it. It’s a debate that takes place regularly at home between me and the young Ryans!

As it so happens there is coverage in today’s Scotsman about a new campaign we’re running to recruit volunteers. Our Homeless Prevention Service (HPS) is looking to augment its expert staff service with some voluntary help. As Jacqueline’s story illustrates, in 94% of cases HPS can prevent someone losing their home and all the terrible stuff that follows, but just a little help from a local volunteer befriender can make a world of difference.

I remember a resident at Cyrenians Farm Community once saying to me: “You can talk to a volunteer ‘cos you know they’re not paid to listen to you.”


One Comment on “A Good Turn”

  1. lorraine gillies says:

    Des – that’s so funny.. Molly has just started brownies and we are having the good turn discussion on a regular basis.. She’s not quite got the hang of it yet!

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