A Special Harvest

Cyrenians Farm is a very special place.

If ever I’m feeling tired or at risk of being overwhelmed by the challenges Cyrenians faces, I go there. Physically, or sometimes virtually.

The trainees and residents are inspirational. Many have come from such tough places in their young lives. I was recently re-reading some of the feedback:

“When I first came here, I felt like I was already dead, physically and emotionally dead – I had nothing to offer. But now I feel like I have built up to a level where I have something to offer, be it helping on the farm. I feel like a better person and feel like I‘m capable of doing things. Anything that I struggle with, I can approach someone. I have got the routine, I have got the structure that I have always needed in my life.” Graham has since moved on to better things.

Rob Davidson the Farm Manager has just issued the new Farm e-bulletin. It resonates with the sense of growth and optimism that surrounds that special place. You can read it here and treat yourself to some early Christmas shopping.

Another kind of harvest was gathering in the feedback from the three PWC partners who lived and worked with us for three weeks as part of the Responsible Leadership Programme, (See: As other See Us, below). Amanda Clack kept a blog about their ‘journey’ full of fascinating insights to our world.

http://amandaclack.tumblr.com/ (right click and open hyperlink)


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