A CORE Mission

Cyrenians Organics Recycling Enterprise (CORE) is at a critical stage of its development as a social enterprise and really needs to raise profile and customers, so if readers have any customer leads or offers of help, don’t hesitate to push these for us or to get in contact.

CORE provides a segregated food waste system and collection service for restaurants, hotels, works canteens, food producers – anywhere that generates quantities of food waste. Hitherto this has gone into general waste and been sent to landfill. With CORE the segregated food waste is taken to composting – and, in future – to supply AD plants for producing energy. It is the first and only business service of its kind in Scotland and can play a major part in the country’s Zero Food Waste targets. The recycling service CORE offers is reliable and customer focussed, but most importantly is very competitively priced.

As if that wasn’t enough it is also providing traineeships for people on our budding Enterprise to Employment programme.

For participating commercial companies, like Radisson, and public sector customers, such as the Scottish Parliament, there’s a triple benefit of cost savings, hard evidence of carbon savings and contribution to CSR by supporting job creation and traineeships.

The challenge for Cyrenians is growing the customer base and income streams quickly enough to break-even in a very challenging marketplace. Our business offer is compelling and the requirements to meet carbon saving targets are pressing, but dealing in practice with food waste comes way down the list of a business’ priorities for the day!

CORE has huge potential to scale up its contribution to Cyrenians mission of creating a fairer, stronger and greener Scotland but starting and consolidating a new business is tough. For a social business it is even tougher and we need every bit of help we can get from friends and supporters over the next period in realising its potential.


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