Out of recession?

This is welcome news and I hope it injects some confidence into the economy for further and more substantial recovery. I also hope it enables our many business partners to invest with greater freedom in community involvement, such as the up-lifting Team Challenge Days at Cyrenians Farm, and philanthropic minded individuals to put their support to some of the life changing initiatives for which we are looking for backing.

Optimism is tempered by listening to all the main political parties talking about cuts in public expenditure as the way to reduce the national debt. Is that the only or the best way of doing it?

I will ask the politicians to look at enterprising charities like Cyrenians as part of the solution rather than the problem. If seem as a small business, Cyrenians last year grew by 25%; created new jobs and traineeships and created a new business that will generate wealth, jobs and environmental benefit in the years to come… all over and above helping over 1,000 people in crisis.


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