The home that we all share

The Copenhagen Climate Summit is not about the future of our planet. It is about the present. For some the impact has already occurred. Karotu Tekita, 54, is from Kiribati. “The sea is coming closer each year. My land is now 10m out to sea. When we came here in the 1980’s there were a lot of coconut trees. It was a comfortable, peaceful place. But now the fruit trees have died. When the tides killed the trees we lost our main source of food, drink and medicine. We have made a huge effort to rebuild our homes, strengthen our shoreline and maintain our sea wall, which is destroyed at every turn of the tide. We live on the edge. If it goes on like this we will have to flee.”

Cyrenians has an environmental purpose in its charitable constitution. It is our business to contribute to activity that protects and cherishes the home that we all share. We are privileged this week to be asked by NHS Lothian to lead a consortium of community groups to develop 15 acres of land at The Royal Edinburgh Hospital as a Community Garden, where people will grow food, skills, community and their health and well-being. If the business model established there works it can be replicated more widely.


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